International Leadership Elite

As an international leader, show your mastery of correct English and business practice, understand the culture and mentality, build successful working relationships!

Training is tailored to your specific requirements: – Conferences, conversation, meetings, negotiations, presentations, reports… as well as leadership, project management, business skills and cross-cultural integration – all that is necessary to successfully understand and respond to your professional position, business and career needs.

Especially tailored to non-native English speaking international Leaders, CEOs and Directors (of companies indexed on FTSE100, CAC40, ES35/IBEX35, IT40/FTSE MIB) with an already advanced level knowledge of the English language. Maybe you are a Spanish, French or Italian native speaker? Working in sectors such as engineering, pharmaceutical, life sciences/biotech, IT/shared service centres. 

The program includes:

  • 10 week program
  • Personalised to your position, requirements and sector.
  • Includes one hour video call per week
  • Plus daily exercises, activities and strategies tailored to your professional development, responsibilities and leadership direction.
  • Opportunity to work towards specific career as well as corporate and developmental goals.

Focus on you:

Designed to raise your skills as a leader working in English, and another culture, to equal your leadership skills in your own country, culture and native language. Expanding on your knowledge and expertise as a high level operator and inspiring leader, you become internationally adept, rapidly adapting  to the different values, culture, way of thinking and work habits.

Passion for results:

Practising regularly using real life scenarios adapted to your specific circumstances. Thinking, creating, inspiring and leading in a manner that obtains the best results in the country you are managing. As a result, you quickly and easily become as dynamic and comfortable working in English and in a different country as if you were in your own. Your confidence shows and your expertise and natural authority are obvious.

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